Change SharePoint 2010 Service Account Passwords

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Maybe you need to change a password for a service account used by one of the SharePoint services or even the farm admin account.

There are four options for changing a SharePoint 2010 service account password:

1. Use  SharePoint to update the password in Active Directory and SharePoint (both) by itself (Generate new password)

  • Open Central Administration.
  • Navigate to the Security page and click on the Configure Managed Accounts.
  • Click on the Edit icon next to the service account.
  • Check the Change password now checkbox.
  • Choose the Generate new password and enter the password.
  • Click OK to save the changes.
  • Check Possible Errors section on this post to troubleshooting;

On  this option, SharePoint will create a new password in Active Directory changing it on AD as well as on the Windows/SharePoint services where required.

Bellow the visual steps to perform through this option:




2. SharePoint chose the Password for you and update password in Active Directory and…

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