Excel Web Applications web part refresh.

Recently ran into an issue where despite updating the registry keys for MaxRequestLength and MaxRequestBytes the EWA Web parts were still failing on refresh. Come to find out the F5 has an http threshold as well, and once the http profile was updated, all worked as expected.


Simultaneous Editing in Office 2010 Web Apps: Only in Excel

Simultaneous Editing in Office 2010 Web Apps

Excel Services 2010 “An error has occured, Please try again”

So suddenly the sample Excel Services (SharePoint 2010 BI Site) workbook stopped working. One blog suggested verifying that “Excel Calculation Services” may need to be started. Central Admin had it running and everything looked fine, but I restarted the service just to be sure. After looking at the logs, there were no errors as well. We have a second app server that is also running Excel services and again, everything looked fine. However, when I restarted the service on second app server, everything started working. The moral of the story, stop and restart the Excel Calculation Services on both (any farm server where it’s running) for a quick troubleshooting step. This may save you a few gray hairs :).

***** Follow up on this tip, it seems that the issue is only temporarily fixed by restarting the service, still researching this issue. Any comments or feedback is appreciated ******

Update: 11/15/2010 Event log indicated unable to write to cache folder, even though app pool account was an Administrator on the box. Ended up re-provisioning a new Excel Services Application, then deleting. This must have updated some kind of provisioning issue during install. All works fine.