Excel Web Applications web part refresh.

Recently ran into an issue where despite updating the registry keys for MaxRequestLength and MaxRequestBytes the EWA Web parts were still failing on refresh. Come to find out the F5 has an http threshold as well, and once the http profile was updated, all worked as expected.


SharePoint 2010 PowerShell GUI

Here’s a cool tool I ran across, this will help anyone new to the PowerShell commands available in SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2010 PowerShell GUI

Get SharePoint 2010 Buld Version

Here’s a quick PowerShell Scrip that will pop-up a message box with the SharePoint 2010 Farms build number. It’s assuming you’ve already added the snap-in microsoft.sharepoint.powershell.

$farm = Get-SPFarm
$version = $farm.buildversion
#Write-Host “Farm Build Version is: ” $version
[System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox]::Show(“Farm Build Number: $version”)

SharePoint 2010 & TFS 2010 Integration

Be careful when changing web application authentication methods. Upon switching to Kerberos we had several issues crop up on our TFS web app. For example, we had disabled anonymous access in CA, however, this doesn’t alway propogate to IIS. So, it was manually disabled. Upon switching authentication providers, it reset the Anonymous to enabled causing the creation of project portals to fail. In addition, depending on how many AD groups a user is included in, Domains etc, the header for hte kerb ticket can be so large that you get 400 errors. Kerberos, rather than session based, is currently authenticating each object on the page, actually adding more overhead. There’s a fix for the size of the header by adding a reg key, but my advice, switch back to NTLM if you can and lose the headache!

‘GetUserSLProfileData’ Failed. Access Denied (Silverlight Control)

So, I spent a day pulling what’s left of my hair out. The “organization” webpart in SharePoint 2010 worked fine in Chrome and Firefox. However, failed in Safari and IE.

Tracked it down to that I wasn’t using x86 of IE, I had been using x64, needless to say, switched to x86 and it worked.

Safari, no idea still. However, non silverlight functionality is there and works.

SharePoint 2010 Miscellaneous

Sometimes SharePoint 2010 doesn’t cooperate and it’s then you need to revert back to stsadm vs. power shell, for example, recently I could not get a solution file to retract via power shell, however, stsadm -o retractsolution saved the day. Moral of the story, don’t completely throw away the old toolbox yet, it might just save you a lot of grief!